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At North Eastern Surgery, consultation fees are payable on the day of the appointment.

Private health insurance companies do not pay for consultations. There are Medicare rebates available with a valid doctor’s referral but these do not generally cover the whole cost of the consultation. Medicare rebates are processed electronically.

There are discounted fees for aged pensioners.

Consultation Fees:

  • Initial consultation – $200 (Medicare rebate $73.85)
  • Review consultation – $100 (Medicare rebate $37.15)
  • Outpatient procedure – $150

Aged Pensioners:

  • Initial consultation – $150 (Medicare rebate $73.85)
  • Review consultation – $75 (Medicare rebate $37.15)

Inpatient Services – Surgery

There is no fee for any elective or emergency operation performed in a public hospital.

Patients with private health insurance who choose to undergo elective surgery in a private hospital may need to pay a “gap” of up to $400 depending on the procedure, their insurer and level of cover. This “gap” arises when Medicare and private health insurance companies do not cover the full cost of a procedure. The is NO “gap” for endoscopy (i.e. gastroscopy, colonoscopy).

All post-operative consultations are free.

Bariatric Surgery

Please phone or email North Eastern Surgery for more information on Bariatric Surgery. Bariatric surgery is only available at the Wangaratta Private Hospital and Albury-Wodonga Private Hospital. Private health insurance is strongly recommended to help cover most of the costs associated with surgery but there is still likely to be a “gap” depending on the procedure. Patients without private health insurance who choose to undergo bariatric surgery in a private hospital may be liable for large out of pocket costs. It is possible to fund any out of pocket costs from superannuation.

In certain circumstances, reversal procedures (e.g. gastric band removal, reversal of vertical banded gastroplasty) may be undertaken in the public system at no cost to the patient apart from the initial outpatient consultation. However, there is a long waiting period for this type of surgery in the public system and patients will usually find it quicker to obtain private health insurance and wait the obligatory pre-existing condition time period (usually 1 year). busty masseuses getting fucked in threesome.