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Weight Loss Procedures

Orbera/BIB™ : Kick start your weight loss

What is Orbera/BIB™?

The Orbera/BIB™ Managed Weight Loss Program is a unique and effective non-surgical twelve month weight loss program. It’s an ideal solution for those who are fed up with diets, pills and other weight loss programs that just haven’t worked.

The combination of the Orbera/BIB™ ‘balloon’ (which is a soft, expandable intragastric device) and a support program can kick start your weight loss to help your achieve your goals.

The Orbera/BIB™ intragastric balloon is an alternative to obesity surgery that’s made of soft silicone that’s inserted in a deflated state into the stomach. It’s then inflated with sterile salt water through a self-sealing valve once it enters the stomach. The intragastric balloon will remain in place for a maximum of twelve months.

As Orbera/BIB™ helps you feel full more quickly, it’s a great internal support system that works with you to help change bad habits and to achieve your weight loss goals without expensive weight loss surgery. Added to this is a network of specialists to help change your eating behaviours for you to achieve your weight loss goals.

This all depends on the person. A good goal is losing an average of 1kg per week. Studies show that with the Orbera/BIB™ Weight Loss Managed Program people can lose around 15-20kg in twelve months*. Experience demonstrates that the majority of a person’s weight loss typically occurs during the first three months of treatment.

* These weight loss results are based on findings from clinical papers.

A lot of people have different reasons to lose weight such as dieting for years with no real results, they’re trying to conceive or have a special event coming up. If you’ve been searching for a way to kick-start your weight loss, Orbera/BIB could help you. It doesn’t require surgery and you can expect to lose around 15-20kg in twelve months.

There are three basic criteria that can make you eligible for the Orbera/BIB™ Managed Weight Loss Program. These are if you’re:

  • Moderately overweight and haven’t been successful in losing 10-15kg
  • Not eligible or aren’t comfortable with weight loss surgery
  • Having a BMI equal to or over 30 and are willing to take participate in a medically supervised diet and behaviour change program

The Orbera/BIB™ Managed Weight Loss Program isn’t for everyone. If you fall into one of the following criteria unfortunately you’re not eligible for the weight loss program:

  • If you’ve had previous gastrointestinal surgery, any inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract, potential upper gastrointestinal bleeding or other congenital anomalies, large hiatal hernia or other structural abnormality in the oesophagus or larynx
  • If you suffer a medical condition which wont allow an endoscopy procedure
  • You’re not willing to accept medically supervised diet and behaviour change program
  • If you’re on a drug or alcohol program
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding mothers
  • Individuals who have or had psychological disorders
  • People who are taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory agents, anticoagulants or other gastric irritants

There are 7 key stages in your Orbera/BIB™ weight loss journey. These are:

  1. Preparation with your doctor
  2. Placement of the Orbera/BIB™ intragastric balloon in a day surgery procedure
  3. Recovery and a liquid diet for the first few days
  4. Moving onto semi-solid and then solid foods
  5. Following exercise programs under advice from health professionals
  6. Regular meetings during the twelve months with your team to follow the program
  7. Removal of the Orbera/BIB™ intragastric balloon at twelve months

Orbera/BIB™ isn’t just a single method for weight loss. It’s a managed program that you follow with the support of an internal device as well as a team of health professionals. On the program you’ll feel full more quickly, which helps control port size. What’s more you can achieve a seven times higher weight loss at 24 months than those relying on diet alone*.

* These weight loss results are based on findings from clinical papers. If you would like to review these papers, please contact your local health care professional.

Your Orbera/BIB™ weight loss journey isn’t one you take alone. It comes with a 12-month professional support program. This includes personalised diet and exercise plans, help with staying motivated, as well as goal-setting and tracking meetings.

The Orbera/BIB™ weight loss journey is different to other weight loss methods. The Orbera/BIB™ Managed Weight Loss Program can help you:

  • Lose around 15-20kg of excess weight in twelve months
  • Maintain 90% of your weight loss at two years
  • Achieve a 7 x higher weight loss than dieting alone
  • Lose more than 20% of your excess weight in six months*

* These weight loss results are based on findings from clinical papers.

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