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Weight Loss Procedures

Bariatric Surgery Registry

Mr Adam Cichowitz is a member of the Australian & New Zealand Metabolic & Obesity Surgery Society (ANZMOSS) and submits all of his bariatric surgery data to the Bariatric Surgery Registry (BSR). The primary aim of the BSR is to measure outcomes for patients undergoing bariatric surgery across surgical practices in Australia. It is predominantly a quality and safety registry.

The BSR has the support of ANZMOSS and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS), who regards the registry establishment as an important step forward in monitoring and evaluating patient outcomes across Australia. The BSR is predominantly funded by the Commonwealth government.

The Registry collects information on patient weight loss, change in diabetes status and problems related to the surgery, both in the short and long term.
The stated aims of the Registry are to:

  1. Record the immediate safety of bariatric surgery in Australia
    • Surgical safety
    • Surgical quality
  2. Study longitudinally the safety and efficacy of bariatric surgery in Australia
    • Procedure
    • Devices
    • Complications
    • Re-operations
  3. Track key health changes following bariatric surgery in Australia
    • Weight change
    • Diabetes treatment


Data access is strictly controlled by the steering committee and includes protocols that are constantly reviewed ensuring the highest levels of privacy. General report will only contain de-identified data. In the future surgeons will receive reports specific to their data, however this data may not be used for commercial and marketing purposes. Researchers can apply to the steering committee for access to the database. BSR staff and steering committee members who have access to identifiable data will all sign confidentiality agreements to ensure privacy is maintained.

Patient data is automatically submitted to the BSR. Patients can opt-out at any stage and will receive an explanatory statement from the BSR in the weeks following their surgery informing them about the Registry and their options to opt-out.

Patients may opt-out at any time via the free call 1800 998 722 number. Their choice to opt-out will not affect their relationship with their treating surgeon or the care they receive. The opt-out options reflects the voluntary nature of the BSR.

Once patients have followed the opt-out procedure, clinical data will be destroyed. The Registry will retain identifying data such as the patient’s name and their date of birth to ensure the patient is not contacted again in the future. The BSR will not send follow-up requests for these patient and will inform surgeons if they attempt to input subsequent procedure for these patients.